Urban farming is a precious opportunity to create local jobs, as it is a meaningful project for the territories. Sous les fraises helps the emergence of new urban farmers to accelerate, encourage and structure the revegetation of the cities. 

Since 2010, the co-founders of Sous les fraises have managed to convey expertise to a multidisciplinary and agile team, full of transverse skills necessary for the creation of pioneering, coherent, demanding and ambitious projects. 

New crafts are invented and we relay these forgotten or reinvented know-hows every day. 

Our fifteen years experience of plant cultivation has created a revegetation tool adapted to the constraint of the city : the biological membrane made of sheep’s wool, hemp and recycled textile. This low-tech system allows us to cultivate plants through permaculture and vertically. The irrigation is in a closed loop, the water is permanently recycled and entirely used.

All the installations are remote controlled through the use of an application, which evaluates the needs of the plants in real time. 

Beyond food production, our activities fall within the circular economy through the water and bio-waste management. Sous les fraises has developed a unique water treatment system which transforms buildings in bio-filtrated stations and has built ultra-local circuits of organic waste reclamation, useful to the growth of plants. 

Sous les fraises offers a unique version of productive, esthetic, welcoming and functional urban farms where fruits and vegetables are consumed on the spot, directly sold to catering professionals or transformed by community artisans.



Our daily involvement consists of creating spaces suitable for the preservation and development of biodiversity, its abundance and complexity. 

Restoring a place for fauna and flora in the city gives a chance of conceiving a high-quality and durable lifestyle .It opens an optimistic path ahead : a fertile urban form made of living and resilient ecosystems. 

When promoting the benefits of vegetal in all its form, the city becomes a desirable productive space, capable of managing its ressources with intelligence and its waste with autonomy. 

With the help of the vegetal and through urban farming in particular, we participate in the transformation of the city : a federative and enthusiastic city vouching for the health of its inhabitants.

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